This is a small prototype I created for the Week 72 Jam. My idea was to try a few things related to dice games and the theme of the jam forced me to do this.  Good thing is that I had never worked with vehicles so this was fun to learn. I also tried a new workflow and architecture in Unity which made me really happy how it ended up working.  Fun jam overall.

Sorry there is no AI, I started working on it. But I decided to leave it for a future iteration so I would have time to get it right. For now enjoy this practice mode.

Thanks to

  • @KenneyNL for his lovely art. I keep defaulting to it on every jam (https://kenney.nl)
  • The jam organizers for the inspiration.
  • @Peche for the help in finding the lost scriptable object. xD

Game Controls

You can play with the dice as it was my original idea. You can roll your dices every turn and select which ones you want to apply to either your steering wheel or your accelerator. Then you hit drive and the car responds for a few seconds to your input.

For this you just need to click the corresponding buttons to Roll, Drive and the arrows to assign the dices on the top of the screen.

Test Controls

I also left my test controls because I wanted to allow people to test the idea beyond using dice. 

  • Arrows Up/Down - Modify accelerator
  • Arrows Left/Right - Modify steering wheel
  • Space - Execute turn
  • F - Flip your car back to normal (just in case)


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This is a nice game! I had a fun time messing around with the controls and trying to get my car to actually move the way its supposed to lol. Nice game!

Thank you for playing! Yes even with the key control it seems easy but some maneuvers are a bit tricky.


Thanks for playing!